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Hi everyone,

I’m new here and loving Softr, my decision to choose Softr was highly related to the action buttons which are on the roadmap. Excited to build along you all.

I’m developing a freelance management platform and I would ideally like to have freelancers come to our site, sign up, fill out information and then await to get access or be added as a user until we approve it

Does anyone know if this is possible to create today? The reason I need this is that we’ll get over 50 users signing up everday, and we’ll need to be able to limit the amount of users who just signs up.

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Hey @erikm3103

You can achieve this with permission groups.

When you are making a page with content only for manually confirmed users, limit the visibility not only to logged-in users, but also add a user group restriction for… let’s say a group of users that you named ‘aproved’.

Also on your users panel in softr studio, redirect new signups to whatever entry page you like.

@acjnas Thanks for helping.

That makes sense, however, could you clarify how I would build a approve/decline process from this?

a) a signup is approved and I would like to add the user to the platform

b) a user is rejected and I dont want the user to get access to the platform.

I assume that you have a users table in your database.
One of the field should be ‘status’ aproved/unaproved

Based on the status you will setup your permissions group

Then you can manually enter your database or setup a front end edit record page, and manually approve every new user by changing its status.

Hi thanks @acjnas

I think the issue with this is that every new user still gets counted towards the limit in the subscription plan I have. I want to be able to approve/rejected them right after they sign up, but before they actually get a user.

What you ask for is doable, but it will require the integration of make.

  1. Add a form, mirroring the same fields that you have for user registration
  2. Map this form to a new table in your airtable database for example ‘Pending’
  3. Review the registrations and update the status for new members
  4. Fire an automation that triggers MAKE, when Pending users change status, and then registers the approved members via softr API.

I hope this solves your issue.

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Hi @acjnas ,

Great suggestion. This turned out to work very well. I am having two issues with the softr API.

  1. I would like to send the user an email with their log in email and password (or magic link if password is not possible). How would I do that? When I create a user with the softr API through MAKE now, it creates the user, but nothing more.

  2. I would like the system to generate a unique password for the user, any thoughts on how I can do that? Thanks. When you create a user in softr today, it generates a temporary password.

Any help is much apprecated!