Add custom URl parameter

Is there a way to add custom url parameters? Softr adds the recordID of the last clicked list item. This means that the only way to navigate around the site is hiearchically, ie you need to click on the previous list block to see a list block detail.

I need to be able to navigate around the site and access list detail items without having previously clicked on the coresponding list item. For example each user has a project. If they drill down into a specific record linked to that project but then want to go back and and access project info there is no way to store that recordID of the project.

They have to keep selected the project list record to view that info.

Is there no way to store and use URl parameters?

Did you try 2 or 3 ID filters?
What I mean?
You can add table with records available only for specific users.

User 1 - rec1. rec2, rec3
User 2 - rec1
User 3 - rec3, rec4 etc.

You can also add column in user table with special info and filter lists.
For example column Projects
And put info of projects names.
For example: „project1”, „project2” etc.
And give this name in select each record.
After than you can use filters as you wish.

THanks for the response and the suggestion!

I don’t think this will solve the issue, however. The issue is that each user has multible projects, which has multple project details. When they are at the project detail level and then go to a message page, they will loose the project id they where working on. They then have to go to the list of projects, choose the project and drill down into the detail level.

I think the bottom line is that Softr can no create single page app (SPA) or anything similar. For the user to navigate the site they just need to go through a bunch of different pages.

Your case is similar to my project. Please share short video or screens. Maybe I can suggest aomething. I will try the best.

I believe one way to accomplish this is with a formula field in airtable that stores the URL + the recordId of the page and record you want the user to be able to go to. Then from the project details page for example, you can add a text field in the content area in the softr block showing the url field from airtable. Or you can do it through the actions feature, via URL pointing at the formula field.

Please don’t forget you have also SEO:slug.
I know that there is hard to find solution if there is not posible to send url values.
In my project I tried to use some combinations:
Inline filters
Conditions in list block
Seo: slug
Temporary field in user record.

Of course all depends of your project.

Using the airtable base definetly is a workaround.

I was able to create a small custom nav bar with icons using a table and the embeed feature. That way I could use any related RecordID’s I needed to create an action button. This allows for users to navigate across listdetails for hieracrchical data structures without having to go back up to the top of the hierarchy and then drill back down.

Airtable Base


Softr List

I’m still working on getting this done for a custom code block. Using window.records.

I created this nav bar with html and CSS but wanted to use window.records to get the record ID and append it to the URL parameter.

Anouther solution I thought about was appending my own URL parameters to keep a history of related recordID’s or states but softr will erase any of those custom paramter whenever you use an action.

I think being able to create URL parameter and then use them in actions and in coniditional filters will really help users create a better UX.