Add a hyperlink button to the action buttons, in a list block

Hi, I found a solution to design the action buttons, in the (vertical) list block, in such a way that the users don’t have to click on a drop down menu to see the buttons.

It’s a bit complex and innovative, and maybe also irresponsible, but I’d love to hear your opinion.

I put in the database in Airtable a code that I show in Softr in Embed a dynamic code block, which does the job for me


The important part here is the formula in the function field in Airtable:

The number of records:
There are several options on how to count the number of records in the table dynamically, I am attaching here a guide from the Airtable forum Here

You can see how to find the class ID in the post this

Another button:
Put this formula in the function field-

CONCATENATE('<a class="NextButton" href="',
{URL},'">❮❮ next</a>')

And finally connect all the fields to one formula field.


"$('",{Another button},"').insertBefore('.",{class},":eq(",{The number of records}-1,")');","\n",

And this is the code I got, for example

As for the design, you can see the CSS code in this post
And you just need to add for the width of the buttons-

width: 50%;

Just to note - the “sort by” of the list block must be the same as the “The number of records”, for the “eq” in the script to work.

And this is the result

Hi @rrbb, thank you very much for sharing the workaround with us! Meanwhile, we are going to improve the situation with the dropdown menu that should be clicked for the other action buttons.