Action buttons dropdown causes elements to shift on page

Hi All,

Just a small bug, but whenever I click into the dropdown for the action buttons, the main page shifts by a few px.

Here’s a Loom: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Do you have any custom code in your header/footer that might be changing the layout? I had a lot of issues with action buttons doing a more “exaggerated” version of your video, which resolved when I changed the code!

I do have a lot of custom code, but I’ve tested with/without it and there’s no change for me.

I’m not sure :confused: How to have more control over block sizing on the page this was my post where I was able to resolve my issue in case it helps… if not hopefully Artur or someone else might know!

Your site looks awesome, by the way!! :star_struck:

@EnigmaXXIII I will ask our team to check this too

@danyalamriben thank you - it’s been a lot of work over the last few months, but happy to launch soon.

I’ll check out your thread and see if I’ve missed anything.

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@artur appreciated, thanks.

@artur any updates on this?

@artur this is still happening, any updates? Do I need to contact someone via the chatbox as it seems like this thread is dead?

@EnigmaXXIII we have rolled out a change today. Can you please check and see is this is still happening?

mine is :sweat_smile: at least it was as of 9-10 am EST… when I updated some action buttons for a new block under development, within a modal, using no custom coding :sob:

@danyalamriben not sure I get it :slight_smile: is yours fixed or not if not can you please send recording ?

@artur I just checked mine - the issue persists exactly the same as previous. No change unfortunately.


@EnigmaXXIII we’re having difficulties reproducing the issue on our side. Could you please provide a link so that we can check?

This has been my experience working with support as well; I believe they said they could only recreate it on one teammate’s laptop out of the whole office so… I wish I understood why it was happening. Unfortunately can’t just buy our staff new laptops that don’t experience the bug LOL

@robert_poghosyan yes - I can send a link via the chat on your website. I’ve even created a completely new, clean page and the issue is still present.

The reason we believe is the “Show scroll bars” setting for Mac users. When the scroll bar is set to be always visible and you click on action buttons dropdown, scroll is disabled hence scroll bar disappears, then when you close the dropdown the scroll bar again becomes visible. Thus, it causes layout shifts. We made some changes to add right padding to page to avoid them.

Thanks a lot for sending the link. We will make some deployments today and will let you know.