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I had the same discovery today with trying to open some sharepoint file links in a modal. Darn red tape making my app look less pretty! :rofl: Not a softr issue though!

I am currently facing challenges with the editing of linked record fields in our application’s relational database. Despite following the same mapping process as before, I have noticed that the feature is not functioning properly. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any information regarding this issue in the documentation, which has been frustrating. Linked record fields make up a significant portion of our application’s usage, and this issue is of great concern. I am wondering if there are any updates or changes that I may be overlooking, as it worked fine with the old editing feature. Any guidance or insight would be greatly appreciated. Translation: I’m freaking out.

@danyalamriben can you please share what exactly is not working ?

Hey @danyalamriben,

To which field in Softr the linked fields are mapped to?

@Artur @Suzie,

Asking again if the field type “Button” will be coming back to the new versions of list, list detail, and table blocks? The new action buttons in the current state of capability doesn’t completely remove the necessity of custom buttons linked to URL fields in Airtable that provide a workaround to those current limitations.

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I’m loving playing around with this feature already - and it is great to be able to offer our app users the chance to make changes on a button press instead of having to navigate there via the old pencil.

However, I am experiencing that the view of my inboxes and lists is no longer “live” after editing, like it was previously? Now, when I update a record via an action button, using the modal, I get the update confirmation but the record isn’t updated on-page until after the page is refreshed? Is this a bug or intentional?

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@adamnewton, there is one bug with the refresh after update we are addressing today.

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@epoortinga can you pls share a bit more why new button is not working the same way ?

With the previous block versions, you could use a button field linked to a formula field in Airtable that resolved a URL. Using a conditional statement in that formula, you could effectively make this button be hidden based on a condition because if the field value was blank, the button in Softr would not resolve, so the user does not see a button. Eg. IF(X=true, URL, “”)

With the new action buttons, if the linked field in Airtable is empty, the button is still displayed, but if you click on it nothing happens. This will lead to users being confused as why the button doesn’t work.

Hope this makes sense.


@epoortinga let me discuss in the team and we most probably will add the same behaviour in action buttons

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We haven’t implemented it yet, but before we start with any requests or fixes, we just want to say thank you to the development team, good job!


Thanks Suzie. What kind of hidden fields?

I’m confused about how to do record-level permissions now.

I understand setting permissions for buttons has changed, but what’s the current best practice for setting permissions on records that can be viewable?

The use case is that we want users to only see records associated with them. Thank you!

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@ahimtabl Conditional Filters on the Block level List Conditional Filters


I can put an html markup tag in title or subtitle fields of the CTA block, but I can’t do that in the header or subtitle fields of the new list detail block. It interprets them as literal text. Can that be fixed?


Just to add on Artur’s reply. Controlling what records can be viewed has always been done through Conditional Filter, so the retiring of edit permissions has nothing to do with it.

@bbelo we are going to add the HTML support very soon

@epoortinga can you pls check again


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Thank you! Yes it works like it did before now. Really appreciate the quick fix!

I am experiencing the same issue. Any explanation on this?

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