Action buttons are here 🕹

Hi all, we made some big updates today!

Action buttons —Add/Update record

The long-waited Action Buttons have finally arrived!

This new feature allows you to perform CRUD (create, update, delete) operations with your app’s underlying data, unlocking endless possibilities.

Since there is too much to unpack, we have written a blog post explaining everything in detail. Check it out :point_down:

See annoucement

Sliding modal

We added a new modal option to help you create a slick user experience.

:memo: Modal is now under “Open Page” action

If you don’t see the “Open Modal” action, don’t worry. That’s because we’ve consolidate it under the “Open Page” action, so you can choose to open a Softr page in either the same tab, new tab, or a modal.

(Global) edit permissions have been retired

With the introduction of permissions settings at the button/action level, we’ve also retired the old way of setting up edit permissions.

The edit permissions that you set up previously have been automatically migrated to the button level, so everything should work fine as usual. See more details here


I was so happy to refresh my browser and see this post! :clap:

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Thanks for rolling this out. Nice to have a native function for editing records vs using another form app.

Do you have an estimated timeline on the future enhancements? Specifically the visibility options for action buttons? I’d like the Create action on a related table to be conditional on a field in detail record.

So far we plan on releasing advanced conditions after Update Field(s) & Delete, so a rough estimate is May.


Not sure if this was intended, but on the Open URL action, it’s not showing formula fields from my Airtable record that I use to construct the URL.

Since the new block removed Buttons from the field types in the Content tab, not able to continue using my formula URL’s in the block at all as a workaround.

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I’m having the URL issue as well. It also appears that any airtable URL won’t open anymore, i.e. an airtable form, even if it’s not a formula.

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Just commenting to say I am experiencing the same little challenge as I’m going through and re-creating my blocks

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Issue with buttons in the grid block: Currently I’m not sure how to recreate the same formatting I had with the row heights set to xs in my new block. It looks like I can’t adjust the sizing of the button/layout like i normally would with say, a tag for instance. Hopefully this will get added soon? I’m happy we have new feature, but it’s making it so I can’t release our beta I had configured on time without disappointing project team because formatting/layout is impacted…


@epoortinga and @apdoherty the formula field issue is addressed

@danyalamriben can you ping us on the support chat with some details so we can check the formatting issues ?

@artur Awesome - thanks for the update! I have noticed though that any url from airtable does not work. I keep getting a blank screen with “airtable refused to connect”.

Sure! I pinged support (looks like they’re out for rest of today but I’ll definitely follow up with access to view config tomorrow) but the gist of it really seems less me-specific and more “style/customization features that are no longer accessible to configure” as a result of the update.

I just did a comparison of what the old button element inside my old table was able to change vs the new button element, the strikethrough items show what new version has lost (and why I believe I can’t recreate the same appearance):
text size (table label)

text color (table label)

Font family (table label)

Font weight (table label)

Letter Spacing (table label)

General: Width (table label)

General: Alignment (table label)

text size (Content)

text color (Content)

Font family (Content)

Padding Left, Right, Top, Bottom (Content)

General: Background Color (Content)

General: Border (Content)

General: Alignment (Content)

General: Roundness (Content)

General: Margin Left, Right (Content)

Not visible in the “styles”, but in the old “Content” Tab: Ability to set the order of column/attribute presentation (for a button, specifically)

  • I have not yet gotten to the point of re-creating other block-types that will likely have the same reduction in formatting options (ability to ensure the size/alignment of button is consistent with overall block formatting & ability to choose where the button is located within the block arrangement itself)

Thanks @artur , the use of URL formulas from Airtable do now work in the action buttons.

Will the Button list field type be coming back? I still have use cases where they are needed in my detail and table blocks.

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Hey @danyalamriben,

The issue with the buttons will be fixed soon. I will keep you posted once the fix is deployed :slight_smile:

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How do we pass the user’s info with this?


When an action button is “changed”, it creates a new one at the bottom?

Hey @Ben,

We are going to release also hidden fields for Action Buttons. I’ll keep you posted once the option is available. Working on it right now.


First of all, a Big Thank You to the Softr development team. After a bit of a drought in substantial new features over the last few months - Boom! Action Buttons!

Already enjoying them and converting the edit buttons on my detail blocks to action buttons. Yes, global permissions were very confusion and it is a much more straightforward experience now.

Thank you


@apdoherty this is a problem of the web URL not being allowed to be embedded I think

@artur ah, looks to be correct. it’s now working in a new tab. dang, really love the side modal. thanks!

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