Action Button DropDown field conditional filtering

When I add an action Button (Edit or Add record) to a list/table, I want to apply a conditional filter to the options of a dropdown field. For example to show only the values that are linked to the current user’s id.
Is this is on the roadmap and when should we be expecting this feature?

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Hi @kelshaer yes it is on the roadmap and will be implemented by mid February the latest If everything goes as planned

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Hi @Maria
I noticed that this option is listed under the “Next” section of your roadmap and not in the “In Progress”. Will still be released this month?

Hi @kelshaer good news! It has been deployed.

Wow! I am so excited to try this one out. It is a game changer for me.

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Hi Maria,
The data restriction is not what I was hoping for. I think what I described matches mor the feature “Restrict dropdown options based on conditions”

Did you roll back the Data restriction update?

Hello, like many others have posted, I also have a great need for a conditional dropdown feature so that syncing with Airtable options does not automatically lead to every option being viewable by users.

I did notice the release of Global Data Restrictions the other day via this thread, but now it seems unavailable as kelshaer mentioned. When initially experimenting, I wasn’t sure if it was accurately limiting and restricting certain items quite like I would have expected…or if it was something wrong that I was doing.

I’m curious if a bug was found that caused the feature to go offline for a bit?

Also, is the Global Data Restrictions feature the planned solution for a “Conditional Dropdown Menu”, or does your team still plan to discuss and potentially develop an update to the dropdown menu that would allow for conditional synced options?

Thank you.

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Hey folks, currently we made it available for new business and enteprise users only until we decide on pricing

Maria, thank you for the update. I will say, that’s unfortunate if such a feature may only end up being available at the highest price tiers, rather than all paid plans, seeing as how so much of everything else is built around and hinges on conditional logic, even at the free level. To be fair, though, I can see how global settings such as this may be an enhancement worth investing in.

That said, can you say whether or not the Dropdown Menu itself (aside from these Global Data Restrictions) will get an update as so many others have requested so that synced options from Airtable are limited just like other data from Airtable is limited based on certain conditions for a user? It really makes a lot of sense, and I think would allow Softr app builders to accelerate development and invest more in your product, myself included.

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I will be upgrading to Professional. Indeed it is unfortunate that you have to pay for a Business plan

The team is looking into pricing for this feature… we will update you asap.

Existing business plan users are excluded?

@Davey existing users with business plan have access… simply hard refresh and check

Thanks @artur got me square away. I had to clear my browser cache to see the new option. This feature is a game changer. For our use case this was one of the biggest updates we’ve seen to date, and we’ve have been using Softr since nearly the beginning. In the case of a client portal, this essentially allows filters to be dynamically populated for list blocks showing clients only the filter choices that are related to their company. It didn’t take 2 minutes to implement today!

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Hello everyone,
Thank you for the very good news about the filtering. But … my customer has chosen the Professional plan and doesn’t intend to switch to Business. It would be a real shame if this essential interface function didn’t benefit SMB customers on the Profesional plan.
For the record, the portal we’re developing is multi-client, and I’ve had to remove dropdowns from all interfaces, and find workarounds that sometimes require several clicks, which is very time-consuming.
Thanks for your updates!

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I am rebuilding my application on FlutterFlow.
They have all the functionalities on the free tier and their paid plans are more than 50% less. Also I can deploy a full mobile app on the mobile app stores.
It is a bit more complicated to use and not as easy as Softr but the app is almost fully customizable.
The only pain I will have is to ask the existing users to register in a new application and to migrate their data.

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Can Airtable be used as a data source?

yes using Airtable API. But I don’t know why would you use Airtable when you can use Scalable DBs like Supabase and they integrate directly with Flutterflow

People may opt for Supabase over alternatives such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or even MySQL, similar to how some prefer Airtable instead of Xano or Supabase