Action Button DropDown field conditional filtering

While both Airtable and Supabase have their merits, when prioritizing scalability and data security for a public application with the anticipation of thousands of users, Supabase is a clear winner. Without mentioning the ability of Supabase to handle users authentication.

What a shame! Let’s hope Softr will make this minimal effort, because the lack of filtering criteria is a real handicap, as is the fact that the Table block is not displayed if there are no results. Flutterflow will become an alternative if all this doesn’t work out, but it’s more of a mobile solution?

It generates Web & mobile apps. It also publish the mobile apps under your developer account.

Global data restrictions does not affect the dropdowns in item action forms.
User still sees the records that are restricted to his user group in the Dropdown fields!

It actuall does affect the dropdown values in item action forms :sweat_smile:. (‘View’ global data restricition, accessible to all users by the way)

I will try it one more time. Thanks