Zoom in on embedded pdf files in softr

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to embed a pdf so that users can zoom in on the doc if it’s too small? I noticed that when I use the embed pdf feature and increase the pane’s width, the pdf stays at a fixed width and there are no controls like the + and - signs for people to zoom in and out.

Is there an alternative way to embed PDFs so that they are more legible? Thank you.

Hey @Ajay, another way is to use the file field setting and link the pdf file to it. In this case, the pdf file will be opened in a new tab and all the featured including + and - signs will be there.

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Hi Marine,

Thank you for the solution. It just doesn’t fit my scenario as I don’t want people to access the file outside the app or be able to download it. Also, just having the file link doesn’t exactly look very nice as the pdf is part of the content of the web app.

Thanks all the same. Though I’m wondering why the pdf embedding tool doesn’t have the zoom function as that’s literally all I need.

I found this article about embeding PDFs with an iframe that might be helpfull.

How to Embed a PDF Viewer in Your Website | PSPDFKit