Zapier actions, new templates, and awards!

New product and community newsletter is out! Some goodies and awards inside:

:zap: Zapier actions are live with two native actions: create / delete users.
:art:More styling options for the table block
:heart_eyes:And two new templates available now in the Softr template library

And to toot our own horn a little bit, we received lots of great news today!

We’re obviously so thrilled for this great news and we could not have done it without the support of our community! We can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store! Check out your inboxes for the full scoop!


Thank you so much, Q: when an external user submits info on registration form, doesnt that automatically create a user in Softr? So there’s no need for the “Create a user” automation? Or am i misunderstanding.

Also, can you share how the delete a user works? Is there a Softr button I can implement on frontend website where the user clicks it, and somehow Zapier deletes that user from Softr/Airtable? Or am I misunderstanding.

Lastly, it used to say ability to overwrite/edit and maybe even delete airtable records on the pricing page, but it seemed to disappear. when a user eduts profile using the account block, does that update/overwrite info in airtable record? thanks! @Lizzie_LaCour