Wrong Email sender Name


I created an app with a sender Mail and Name in app ZZZ.

I use the same mail in another app YYY with another sender name.

In the mail (invitation for a new user) sent from my app YYY I see the sender name of app ZZZ.

I changed the sender name in app ZZZ, republished the app but nothing changed in my app YYY.

Is it normal ?


(This is just conjecture, would welcome confirmation from Softr support.)

Softr uses Postmark for mail delivery, and Softr tries to manage the configuration of your sender account there for you. But I think this means it only goes through the “confirm sender signature” workflow for an email that has not previously been registered. So if you are trying to use the same email address in a second app, it will be ignored, and the sender name value will not actually make it to Postmark.

Again, just a guess, but I don’t think this is really a bug so much as a limitation in the way Postmark is integrated – there’s no way for it to manage multiple sender names associated with a single email address.

I suggest you use different email addresses in each app. Many email programs will allow you to specify an alias by adding “+aliasname” to the address. So for example if you are using GMail and your address is johnsmith@gmail.com, you can use johnsmith+app1@gmail.com, johnsmith+app2@gmail.com, etc. and all emails sent to those addresses will end up in your johnsmith mailbox.

Thank you for this nice explanation @dcoletta !

I change it with a unique email per app but it doesn’t change my problem.

I hope the team will correct this soon and allow an update if the mail is changed !

Well… if using a different email in each app didn’t fix your problem, then maybe my explanation is wrong. Can you show a video of the problem?

It could be the responsibility of a no-refresh action from Softr because I see that the validation process is not redone for an already use email.

Maybe a good thing would be the deletion of the mail and the creation of a new sender, but I think Softr has to manage that I can’t do anything @dcoletta

Good thought. I’d suggest chatting to Softr support from the studio, and asking them to do that.

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We are able to change this manually afaik we ended up with this due to some postmark limitations… but in general we/postmark can have only one name per email address…

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