Wondering about sorting by date

I’m using a List block to display a spreadsheet that has a column with date values in it, and that column is set to format cells as date and time. I’d like the Softr page to display the rows sorted by date, with the most recent date at the top.

In the List block, that field is set to type “text” and the sort order is set to reverse alpha order.

Unfortunately that sort is using the text rendition of the data, so “10/9/22” displays above “10/26/22” because 9 is greater than 2.

I’m not sure there’s any way to do this without modifying the date column in the spreadsheet so it displays the date in a format that will sort by alpha correctly, e.g., “20220926” and “20221002”.

Am I missing something?

I think we still have work to do on better type detection @dcoletta I will pass this into the team.

Sounds good. In the meantime I seem to have worked around the problem by formatting the date as YYYY-MM-DD in Google sheets.