White space showing below header on all pages

Hello, not sure if it’s visible from the attached photo but there’s a strip of white showing up on all my pages. It’s appearing right below the header section. I think it might have first started when I added some custom code to make a block sticky, but even after I removed the custom code and the block, it’s still showing. Any advice? Would appreciate the help!

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@chuchane1 I found your website, and I do not see the white stripe on the live version. I see it in the photo you attached, but it doesn’t look like it’s pushing live.

@chuchane1 can you share a link to check ?

@chuchane1 This most probably means you have 2 headers showing at the same time and one of the headers is “fixed”, please try to toggle off the “fixed” header.

all fixed now, thanks @jelli, @artur and @Andranik!