Which Plan to Select?

Hi everyone

I’m a newbie to softr, but I have some experience with no-code tools like Adalo and Glide. So questions that follow perhaps come from the context of being familiar with some features of these platforms.

I need to build two separate MVP marketplaces / listings directory for essentially the same purpose - connecting investors with businesses. One of for traditional businesses looking for fundraising, other is for matching startups with angel investors. I think both can be built with softr. My queries as follows (from pricing page) -

  1. I would need upwards of 5 logged in members, so I go with Professional plan.
    But is the end user based on per-app? Meaning for each app, I can count on 10000 users to log in? In which case I can in theory have two separate applications with two separate user tables?

  2. Am I correct in reading 10000 records per table (airtable base) can be synced per app, but is it possible to link multiple tables to the same app? Lets say I want to make an app for supermarkets - so one table (airtable base) can have items and another can be a table (airtable base) for locations (terrible schema, but only for example purpose) - each with less than 10000 records will be synced? If yes, how many separate ‘tables’ can be connected to each app? If no, does it mean 10000 records synced per app or 10000 records synced per paid Professional account?
    The other reason for this question is one permission update rule for an app. Am I correct in understanding if there is a single app with investors and startups as user types in a single user table, and if I want to give edit functionality to startups to edit their listing, then investors user-type will be able to edit the listings as well - since update permission rule applies to all logged in users?

Is there some way to manage this by creating user groups or conditional visibility / filtering?

Because I can’t afford to go to a Business Softr plan at this MVP stage to have custom permission rules. Appreciate any guidance softr team or any experts can offer on how I can proceed.

Hey @teddy_s

Re 1. Yes it’s per app, each app can have 10K users.
Re 2. It’s per table and you can connect multiple tables each up to 10000 records
Re Investors and Startups yes you can control with different blocks and user groups…