When a user completes stripe checkout does it create a new user?

I am trying to create a sign up flow but I’m not sure if the stripe checkout will create a new user or not and I can’t tell based on any of the help documentation.

My product relies on users having one of a few subscriptions but I can’t have a situation where a user is subscribed without also having an account as that would be a very poor experience.

Because the stripe checkout does not ask the user to put a password in I am assuming no user is created. Thus I need to have the user first create their user then redirect to the stripe checkout.

Can anyone confirm this is the case? Or if there’s a way to create a new user using stripe checkout that I missed?

As a best practice, have users sign for a free account first, then after sign-up direct them to pricing/payment page to purchase Stripe subscription.

When done in this order, you ensure there’s an existing account in Softr for Stripe to link subscription information to.

That’s great to know. Ultimately what I did was create a user group for users without a subscription and set the home page to a limited view that reinforces the user to sign up for a subscription.

Thanks for the guidance here. When I’m allowed to share more than one image i’ll follow up with the full description of what I implemented. Would love feedback!

A user group for users without a subscription is the way to go for sure.