What is your no-code setup for transactional emails?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering, what’s your preferred stack for transactional emails and why? How did you implement it in terms of architecture? By transactional emails, I mean specific to the services or products of your webapp (example “You’ve got a new lead!”, “You’ve been verified your account”, “New order created”, etc)

I’m currently exploring different setups but I can’t seem to find an easy solution. I work with Softr and Airtable, and I’m trying to use EmailOctopus connected to Airtable via Make. I’m planning to create a table in Airtable that has emails “requests”, listen to modifications in that table through Make and trigger an email to be sent using EmailOctopus, but it feels weird that there isn’t a simpler solution.


I am using Airtable automations to handle that with the native integration to Gmail. Could that be an option for you?