What is the best approach to have a multi-client portal app

Let us say we are building a simple CRM that can be used by multiple customers so each customer will have their own accounts and contacts, what is the best approach to do this, will the SSO feature be able to have a custom domain for each client like abc.crm.com def.crm.com or this should be sorted from Airtable side?
In other words, how to achieve data isolation between customers? or am I asking so much from a no code tool :smile:

Hi @mgonullu :wave:
I would suggest creating the datasource in Airtable, connect it to Softr.
With the help of dynamic blocks (List/Table/List details) you can pull out the data from data source.
In case you would like to show the data that is related to the logged-in user only, I would suggest using Conditional filter.

The SSO won’t allow having custom domain for each user, in general each Softr app can be linked to one custom domain. Hope the provided information helps :slightly_smiling_face: