What am I missing? Softr - Airtable linking

I’ve integrated an airtable base, and linked a table to users in the data section of my app, but I can’t seem to get any field info to load into Softr?
I’ve created a sign in page and a user details page, but it doesn’t show the name or email of the user when I sign in and navigate to it.
I’m sure its something simple that I’m missing.

For me it was a bit tricky to figure out until I read this:
Maybe it will help you as well.

Thanks. I’ve managed to connect softr to airtable, and the users show up in the connect table. But how do I get the info back out of airtable, into softr?

I don’t know your use case, but for me, I wanted the user to edit their own user data which includes any number of fields I decide to put on the table. To make that work I first created a new page with a List block on it, then set the filter to only show the record for the logged in user’s email address to match the email address on the table.

Next, I created a details page (with a List Details block) and laid out all the fields including a profile photo. If you want the user to be able to edit the record, you’ll need the Pro or Business plan. The Pro plan will allow for one table update, the Business plan will allow all table updates.

The User profile block only allows user to edit name and email.

I hope that helps.

Thats pretty similar to what i want to do. I’ll try the list block with permissions and see how that works out.

I think thats sorted it, Thanks.
I kind of knew it would be straightforward, once someone had shown me.

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