🧐 Weird scroll bar on simple text field

Hey guys,
I suddenly have a scroll bar appearing within a simple text field, but I don’t have any custom code on that page.

Here is an example: https://www.climateu.earth/job-details/92420/r/rec1P7TrxQEdTPUnX
It appears next to the “Job Description” text field when the mouse is on that field.

Does anyone have the same issue or knows why this might be happening?

Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Tim,
This is a simple text block if I’m right? So without going into details = with the padding top and padding bottom you have the text is treated as a contained text (all the text must be displayed within a specific height). As a consequence a scroll bar appears. You should use a CTA block instead to display titles or subtitles.

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You’re absolutely right, I don’t know why I wasn’t just using a CTA there.
Just substituted that, thank you so much @matthieu_chateau ! :slight_smile: