Weglot integration - subdomain not indexed by Google


Does anyone have experience with getting Google Search to work with the Weglot integration?

I’m using the Weglot intregration to translate my site. So the main language is www.site.com and the translation is on en.site.com. It’s an event aggregator so a lot of the content is served as en.site.com/event/[seo-slug]/r/[record-ID].

However, Google Search doesn’t seem interested in crawling those sites. Initially it didn’t recognise there were sites under en.site.com. After submitting the sitemap for it, it recognised the pages, but didn’t index them, instead classifying them as “Discovered – currently not indexed”. If I submit an individual page for crawling, it eventually does seem to index it, but not the others. It would be time consuming to submit each one individually.

Anyone had similar experiences or has suggestions? :slight_smile: