Webhook response

Hi everyone, I’m currently trying to set up an internal tool to my company using softr and airtable and webhooks with Make.

Let me explain, I have a basic form where the user insert a keywords that is searched into an airtable base , and Ii returns a certain value that is supposed to be displayed into the web hook response which is a html page

The problem is that on softr when I redirect the user to the web hook url after submitting the form , it make a second web hook request so the value that is supposed to return doesn’t exists. Could you help me

It sounds like you’re encountering an issue with your webhooks and Softr setup, where a second web hook request is causing problems with the expected response. To resolve this, you might want to review your webhooks configuration and ensure that only one request is being made when you redirect the user. Check your Softr and Airtable integration settings for any duplicates or unintended configurations that trigger multiple requests. Debugging this should help you get the expected response displayed on your HTML page