Ways to backup apps in Softr

Hi. We have been using Softr extensively for the past year, and in general I find it a very useful tool.

Considering that our business is depending on the UI and logic created by Softr - I started to become a bit more concerned about backup, exports and versioning. It does not seem like Softr has any native way to do backups.

We’re also increasing team members who would be working on Softr, and I want to make sure there are ways how to revert back any changes done, which might mess up the apps - both any issues introduced unknowingly, and hopefully not, but also any malicious updates.

I’m curious if there are any tips, or advice on how to approach this.

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Hi @karlcassar love to hear your continued usage of Softr.

We have some functionality for this + some tips for your team:

  1. App history (Settings > App History) is a great way to restore to previous backups if needed. A tip for your developers - before they start building a new feature etc, to use the “take a snapshot” tool to clearly capture that moment in time. It makes it easier to retore to these points in time if needed.

Also, remember that Softr is front end only. So additional protections should be added to your database to ensure the same. For example, make sure that you have the ability to restore your DB to points of history if needed, and can also use snapshots in that similar manner.

Also, you can look at spinning up a DB that is a replicate of the main DB, but contains test data that you can use when building new pages just in case you need to test anything in a higher risk way and you want to keep it away from your production data.

If there is anything else that you need, just let me know.