Want to phone number input field but don't want to have CTA button (or make it inivisible)

I would really appreciate any help or hacks around this.
Expected behaviour: I would like to have a phone number input entry field. I don’t really care to collect that data (just want to have an impression for user to enter phone number)- as it is just a MVP test.
I would prefer not to have the form submission button or make it invisible.

  1. I tried to look for a block with phone input field which is not a form, but none of the blocks such as this exist
  2. Form block has no option to remove the button
  3. Tried to make the button invisible by making it same as background colour and keeping shaddow to zero but still it has some inherently built shadow which I can’t remove.

Any help please?
Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 15.39.24

Hi Vikram,

The only solution (the easiest and most straight forward at least) is code I guess.

in the page settings => custom code => header => insert this code:

Just change form1 by the name/id of your form

#form1 .MuiButtonBase-root {
  display: none;