Visiblity not working with user groups

First image is what the webpage looks like. Second image is what the user group settings are. Third image is what my subscription status is in airtable.

Why is the page not loading when I am logged in?

@dcoletta - I actually used your approach as we discussed over here. Free Trial and Paid Users - #5 by dcoletta

Any help is appreciated!


Hi Aaron, by any chance, did you set condition filters up for this table? That might come from this, as I don’t see any problem with your visibility conditions


As @matthieu_chateau mentioned this looks all fine. If there are no conditional filters you could also DM me a magic link of a test user with a condition to see the data and I will check it for you.

Conditional filters are used. I need to show them only their assigned records. How else would you do this?


This happens with simply showing blocks too, on another page with no conditional filters.

First image shows no block with text appearing, while the second shows what I would expect.

First, can you check the following things concerning the conditional filter:

  1. Assigned_user is a lookup field or a “link to an other record” field? (use a lookup field that points to the recordId field in your table, if second choice)
  2. Assigned_user field is set as “allow linking to multiple records”? It needs to be disable, always. If not disabled = you need to use “is one of”. But this is not what you want here

Concerning the blocks without conditional filter, I can’t see what’s wrong with the two images as one is from the studio and the other is from a live version or a preview version.

By the way, if you use preview version to check all of it, don’t: it only displays what doesn’t have any visibility condition.

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assigned_user is currently text, but the text is the RecordID from the Users table.

Regarding the second, I know one is the live page and one is the studio. The problem is on the live page you don’t see any top block. What else would you want to see?

Okay, so, concerning the first issue, this is not a proper way to make it: it needs to be linked between tables= Lookup fields, specifically for RecordIds, which are the keys of your database + a specific type of data.
Would be good if you could try this.

Second issue: There could be many many things that make disappear the block.
Devil is in the details.

But from my experience, the most common use case is the following one:

If you changed, just a little, the payment or subscription parameters in Stripe= you won’t be recognized as belonging to one of the custom user groups, even if it seems to fit. You will need to test everything again by deleting and re-creating your fake user.
For example if you archive a price for a product (but it can be other changes you made in Stripe) but there are many other cases where it can happen (as the price or product ids in Stripe will change)

Also there is, sometimes, some unexplained delay between Stripe and Softr, which complicates the testing phase (see with @artur for this)

@matthieu_chateau Linking records seems to be needed to be done manually, is this correct? I need this to be automated. I can’t manually assigned 1000 rows to the correct user, especially when there is a text value that shows the user ID it needs to be assigned it.

@artur check DMs

Thank you

Nope, this doesn’t have to be made manually. You just need a formula field in Airtable with this formula: recordId()
Then every new user, will have a recordId, and every lookup field pointing to this formula, from any other table, (or from the same table) will be automated.

Here are 3 screenshots to show you how it is done

Note that it is a link between projects and goals.
Note2: the “user” field is, in fact, the recordId field witht the formula (which is not a proper way to name it like this, my bad :sweat_smile:). In the other table, projectId lookup field is the field “user”. So in any case, just replace in your mind “user” by “recordId”

The screenshot with conditional filter is belongs to a table where the goals are (and need to be displayed for the right project of a user)



Still unable to link them. See my video here. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Ah yes! Now I understand: unfortunately it should have been made since the beginning :smiling_face_with_tear: as with Airtable, any automation is valid … only for all new records (by the way, you can verify it by adding randomly a new record, both in the user table and in the other table, it should work).

In order to automate it you need to use an Airtable script (aka using a predefined extension or javascript, within the extensions tab in AIrtable). Or make it all by hand from day to day.

Sorry for this!

Or there would be another solution… copy and paste the table “…scrape” (all the ids will be new, so it will have to be re-linked within Softr)

Or … in the user profile table, the link to “…scrape” table will be showed = you can link the two tables this way.

Well, let me try one or two tricks and I will come back to you

The problem is that I have to link records manually by opening up this window


DM reply

@dcoletta Brain juice is needed here! A hard case you may like. Aaron will explain everything in DM I think.

I was able to do this in python, as my python script updates the linked record field and when the data comes in, the linked record filed is populated.

The remaining issue is that there blocks that are not visible based on user groups. Once the blocks become visible, I can see if the table is generating correctly.

@artur the problem comes from Softr, 90% sure (and may be the Stripe issue…)

This is not related to stripe yet. My user groups are defined by values in Airtable. See first image. For now I plan to manage most of this manually. I am working on a process that when a user pays, this subscription_status column updates, which is separate to get working. For now though, I can change these values and that should impact user group. This was recommended by @dcoletta and @viraj.


I’m back from vacation :slight_smile: going to check now.

Had few DMs with @aar0n , @matthieu_chateau what we figured out was that the user mapping (email field) was not there (or was changed in between) and hence for softr wasn’t possible to connect to the user in airtable and find the relevant attributes. Hence no airtable user attributes were available to be checked for visibility conditions… once Aaron connected the email field they started to work.

We are working on a solution now which will highlight such issues in the studio and perhaps also in the live/preview states.