Video Link in List and List Details

Hi Community,

I am not sure if this is a #bug or a limitation of the field, but I am trying to use links from my Airtable fields to enable embedded video in the List Details block with video feature. So far, I fin that only YouTube videos work, but any links that go to another site with embedded video do not link.

I also tested this on the video fields in the list block and on other list details block and nothing appears, only YouTube.

I am using a URL field in airtable to map to the video fields.

To add context, I am trying to create a training app. I am using the “Learn Airtable” base as a test case since it is set up as a great example. Some trainings are video and some are docs, so using the List Details block with video, although nice, does not work well for all options. I need to enable the embedded video from the List Details block.

Any insight or solutions would be appreciated.

I think the default field for that block is a video field - perhaps try using an embed field mapped to your field instead, and use video embed code in there? I have an app for a sign language dictionary setup similarly- admittedly, they are also YouTube videos, but the embed field I’m using is actually a formula field which includes some script for YouTube’s iFrame embed API, and it works fine. The Softr embed seems to be pretty flexible in what it can actually embed, so perhaps other video sources will also work if you use their embed code in an Airtable formula field.

Thanks @Matt - right now a lot of the videos live in Box, and will stay there, so trying to work around the embed code if possible, but I can explore the embed option as well.