Video formats on Softr / Airtable / Letting users upload videos

I’m trying to set up a database of video introductions where users can upload their video intros.

My thought process so far has been to just let users upload the video via the “user profile” block, then, in Airtable, I convert the attachment to a URL, and that URL is then used for the video list block.

I have a few problems though:

  1. Chrome can’t show MOV videos which is the standard on iPhone
  2. I’d have to manually start the attachement to URL converter every time someone uploads something
  3. Safari can show MOV files, but somehow the sound is then lost
  4. The previews of the videos look really bad and when I click on them on the phone, I can’t get back to the list anymore.
    (5) A final concern is the space this will take up when a thousand users upload a video.

Has anyone built something similar and has some advice? Would be super grateful!!

A video upload form would be cool. Have you figured this out?

Unfortunately, I haven’t. Would be great to get some ideas from the community!