Vertical header links w/ sublinks redirects to home page when link text is clicked

We’re using softr to build a client portal. We’re using the vertical header to display our links and most of these have sublinks. When a user clicks on the text of a link containing sublinks the sublinks appear but the page reloads to the home page and then the sublinks disappear. When a user clicks on the arrow icon next to the link they stay on their current page and are able to see the sublinks and click them to navigate to the page they want which is the functionality we want. We’d also like the same to happen when they click the link text as well. Did we do something wrong or is this the current functionality?

Hello @ccirino,

If you could add a link where I could test and see this issue, that would be great.

If there is visibility for the page, just send a magic link DM or via support chat :slight_smile:


Dear @ccirino,

This issue should have been fixed, please make sure you have the header block updated. If however, you still face it, just add the URL for me to check.