Using Softr to build a user generated directory

Hi all,

I would like to share what we’ve been working on for the last couple of months. It’s a directory of kids’ clubs and activities to help get children in the UK out and about and moving.

Kinder Clubs

We’re beginning to grow and are very happy with how everything has gone so far. Of course, always looking for comments and suggestions on ways in which we can improve.

Also want to add how awesome Softr has been as a product, and how helpful everyone here in the community has been. :heart_hands: Even though every new business has setbacks and problems, the support here has helped a million!



Hi @joshjoshua, thank you very much for sharing your feedback :heart:

I linked the purpose of your project which is to help kids and their parents find information about the activities in one place, this is amazing :heart: The app is very informative and functioning as it should (made some check-ups) :tada: