Using formula to provide items that are a certain status


I’m using softr with airtable to create a concept glossary for quick reference to certain terminology I use as an experiment.


  • Concepts
  • Terms
  • Terminologies

Terminologies are a link between a concept and term. A concept can have more than one term (e.g. language, gender, AKA, misused terms etc). So a terminology is the combination of a concept and a term, which has a status.

I’m trying to then use Softr to show
Preferred status (a status on terminology)
I’ve put a link to a loom on the airtable database to show the structure.

However, I can only seem to work out how to show all terms (not those with preferred status).On the Softr site I’ve used the list and list details pages to show based on the concept table.
I tried using the terminology table, but Softr didn’t seem able to make use of the grouping I could do in airtable.

I’m not sure if this is a softr piece, or another airtable field I need to create with a formula (not sure where to start with a formula like this which is for a terminology show only preferred status for this concept. Any help really appreciated.