Using Embed Airtable form to sign up for Profile / membership

I want to use an embedded Airtable form as a way for people to sign up for a profile on our site. They would need to answer all the questions before getting a profile/membership. Is there a way to do this?

If they do fill out the form, can there be a way for them to receive a magic link or password to log into their profile?

I don’t think you can “create” in a user in softr without using one of the dynamic sign up blocks.

But you set the action upon successful signup to redirect to a second page where you have your airtable form embedded. You can then have that form write to separate fields within the same “users” tab that the dynamic sign up block writes to so all the data will be collected on the same tab.

The only trouble you’ll run into with this approach is you’ll have to use the custom code block which means you’ll also have to manually set a redirect after the form has been submitted.

got it. How do we have it write to the fields within the same “users” tab?

we did a workaround on one of our sites, which they fill out the form, then we provide the user a temp login password using zapier. Its a bit of coding to do the login in, so I was looking for a simpler solution for our other sites.

When you’re in the “users” tab create a form in that table.

Then adjust the form inputs to write to fields that are not the fields being used by softr for user data. You may need to add more columns to store the form data in. That way you can use the sign up block from softr to create users and you can use this form to capture the additional data you want.

If you create two pages it could work like this:

Page 1 - Softr sign up block (Writes to columns a, b, c in “users” table)

  • Set the action “on signup” to redirect to page 2

Page 2 - Embedded airtable form (Writes to columns d, e, f in “users” table)

  • This is what might require some manual coding because submitting the embedded airtable form won’t trigger the user to be redirected anywhere on your softr site.


  1. Users are created in an easier fashion by using the softr sign up block
  2. Additional data is captured


  1. Still need a solution for how to redirect the user after submitting the airtable form

I did exactly this, however it created a separate record without the name or email from the original Sign Up block (Softr).

I was able to redirect after submit to the sign-in page of the site

Is there a way to get the Sign-Up info (Name, Email) and what was submitted on the Embed Form all on the same record in Airtable?