Using a URL Parameter in the Conditional Filters


I’ve faced some difficulties while building an app with softr and would love to get some tips.

Our app allows our users to send a sms that looks like a smishing (SMS phishing) message to their loved ones. When a receiver clicks the url in the sms, he/she is directed to an educational webpage that shows how to deal with the whole smishing situation. At the same time, the sender(our user) can see that the receiver has clicked the url on our app. Now, here are our issues:

When we send out a sms, we append a send_id at the end of the url (ex. We want to send the url parameter, as soon as the receiver opens our app with the url, to the server(airtable) so that we can update the relevant sign to “clicked”. Is there any way we can make it happen with softr? We haven’t found it yet, so now, we are receiving the url parameter with a hidden field on the first page and sending it to the server when a button is automatically clicked (used jquery here) while providing the educational content on the second page. It takes a bit too long though.

We want to show the sender(our user)'s name and msg when the receiver opens the app with the url, which means, we need to show none-users the information that matches with the url parameter. However, in the CONDITIONAL FILTERS section on softr, it seems like that we can only use a logged-in user’s data (to show the user relevant info). Is there anyway we can use a url parameter to filter the data?


Any tips would be so much appreciated! Please let me know if there is a lack of information.


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I’m so interested also. :slight_smile:

Hey both,

For the first question on page open triggering data send seems that doing button click or simply firing a request via JS code to Zapier or any other service to register data is the way to go.

For the 2nd one we plan to extend the options but now URL params can’t directly be used in conditional filters. However with small JS code you could customize that too I belive.

@artur I’m 75% sure I saw on a list block recently that in the conditional filters settings that I could use a parameter from URL, but for whatever reason I’m unable to find it.

Is this a feature in Softr currently? One that’s being tested and was removed?

I’m creating an app that needs to have shareable pages where the list block on the page is filtered by the record ID in the URL parameter and not the logged in user’s ID.

Hi artur,
I am also not able to use url_param:recordId. Is it removed in latest update?
I have orders page and order details page. click order will open the order detail page where I show order line items.
Please note that order detail page show data from another table called order line items which is link to order table by Order ID. How I can handle this situation. I have spend almost the whole day but all invain.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @rrthegefsrht, sorry for making you wait for such a long time, hope the timing didn’t cause many inconveniences to you. Let me address your questions.
To be honest, we never had URL parameter available in the conditional filter. The only way I think that can be possible is if a linked list was set up.

Could you please elaborate how you get the recordID in the URL, do you have a list details block on the page?

If you add a list details block on the page it will be possible to set up conditional filter in a way the block is filtered by the parameter of the record in the list details block. Just a small hint, if you don’t want to show the list details, you can simply delete all the fields, it’s not essential to show fields in the list details block in this case, but to simply have a list details block on the page.

Hi @informhameed let me step in. Thanks for the details. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t manage to find solution faster. Let me try to help you.

Honestly, we didn’t have url_param:recordID available anywhere except for the hidden fields on the Form blocks, but I think for your use-case Linked Lists would serve a lot. Please check out a help doc and if you still face any difficulties ping me here, I would be happy to help.

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Thank you Viktoria. It solved the issue. cheers

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