Using a hidden field to get user data stored in Airtable?

I’ve seen a few references to using a hidden field in a form (perhaps as the only field in a form) as a means of getting a bit of user data that is stored in Airtable - I kinda get the concept, but I’m completely failing at making any type of implementation.

I’d like to be able to get either a field that has a simple 4-5 letter code (Practice Code), or a URL (Form URL). Both of those are fields in my user table in Airtable.

Question 1 - Is a hidden form field really a way to get that data?
Question 2 - How can you retrieve/display that data in another block?
Question 3 - Can you retrieve a URL from Airtable and use that URL as the “Open External URL” in the button at that bottom of the form (the form that may only have one hidden field)?

Hey @HalAtkins, to be able to reply to the question of whether the hidden field is the correct feature for your use case, can you please let me know whether you have stored the simple letter codes in your Airtable or not?

Regarding retrieving using a URL as an “Open External URL” in the form button, you can do it by using the action in the button. However, you can not retrieve that URL from Airtable, you just need to copy → paste it into the opened field:

Yep - I’m going to have that bit of data stored in my User table on Airtable - field name is “Vet Code”.

Not sure I’m following this - are you saying that you can’t do that?

Yes, you can add a URL as an “Open External URL” in the form block submission button so that when the form is submitted, the users are redirected to an external URL.

However, that URL will not come from AIrtable but you will need to paste it to the field I showed in the screenshot.

Great, then, you can use our hidden field option to pass this data to your Airtable as soon as the user submits the form. You will need to follow the configurations mentioned here: Layout: Customizable Form ( Custom value part of the doc) to pass the “Vet Code” data through the form block.


I’m sorry Marine - I think I may not have been clear in what I’m attempting. I’m not trying to put info in to a field in Airtable - I’m trying to get data from the user’s Airtable record and use it in a Softr page.

Dear @HalAtkins, thanks for the clarification. If you want to collect the user data from his/her Airtable through the hidden fields and store that data in your Airtable, then, we do not have such an option in Softr.

In general, I do not think it will be possible to do it in any other apps because of user data security reasons.