Using a different database for each user group

Hello all,

I have a problem I cannot solve, I am a beginner in softr so it may be obvious but I could not find the answer in doc or on the youtube channel, please enlighten me :slight_smile:

My application is dealing with multiple customers, say CustA, CustB and CustC each of them have different users.

The project data for each customer is summerized in SheetA (for CustA) SheetB (for CustB) and SheetC (for CustC), so I would like to select the source SheetX according to CustX. How can I do it ? (I can use Airtable if it makes things easier).

Thanks for your help.

I’d recommend you switch to Airtable, having multiple databases for each individual user is not a scalable solution. With linked records in Airtable, you can link User records to Customer records and link customer records to a projects table. Also, why not just aggregate the User and Customer table into one if they are presumably holding the same or similar info?

Thanks for your quick reply, I am not that familiar with Airtable, I’ll give your suggestion a try.

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It’s not obvious from your question what you are using as your data source, how exactly you are intending to display this information, or who you want to see it. If it’s just for you, you just need to add different table or list blocks on the same page or separate pages and select the different data source(s) from wherever your data is stored (Airtable tables, Google Sheets, Smartsuite). If you want customers to log into your site but only see the data applicable to them, your customers would need to be “logged-in users”. You can create user groups for them. With user groups, you can have a directory page (visible to “all logged in users”) with a link to a single page. On the linked page, you can then have the different list or table blocks (as explained above), but set the visibility of the blocks to only be visible to the applicable user group; or you could have different site directory pages with different visibility settings for each user group. There’s bunches of different ways to do this. Scalability depends on how much data you are trying to collect. Due to source record limitations, If you are wanting to collect a lot of data for each customer, it might be advisable to have a separate base (data source) for each customer.