User's own records visibility

hi everyone :slight_smile:
I can’t get my head around how to set up the following:

  • each user, in their own profile page, should be able to see only the records they added, but these records should also be visible to everyone else.
    Example: I am a user and I write 3 blog posts, I would like these blog posts to appear in my profile (as a list) so that visitors on my profile would see what blog posts I wrote.

  • reviews: same logic. On each profile only those reviews of that profile should be visible, but they should be visibile to everyone. ALSO, If I wanted to add a review on a profile, it should automatically “link” to that profile (the reviewer doesn’t have to choose who to review once they are on the profile).

I hope I was clear enough :smiley: Otherwise happy to clarify

This is my poor attempt at trying to explain

it was hard for me to wrap my brain around at first too haha

Automatically linking the reviews should be done using a hidden form or action button field that maps to the linked user field and uses the page record’s field value (in my example, looks like this)

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thank you so much for your detailed reply!!
I will try to replicate it and see how it goes :smile:
have a great day

I can’t make it work and I don’t understand why…