User Sync Stopped and Users Cannot Login

This suddenly happened and there is seemingly no way to fix it.

Without the option of turning off 2-way sync, and with no clear reason on what I need to fix, there is little I can do.

I recently switched over from API key to PAT but it was working fine.

Anyone else experience this?

Hi @SAS_AT Thanks a lot for reaching out, May I kindly ask you to check your data connection on your users tab to see if you have any “synced” fields on Airtable with the bolt icon such as “created date” connected to your Softr users connection?
If yes then that is the potential cause of the issue.
Also, feel free to share a screenshot from your users table on Airtable.

Hi @Andranik - I also have a response from Aramayis on live chat, but wanted to reply to you here as well. I do not have any synced fields that are connected to Softr. The only mapped field is the email.

I do have synced fields otherwise that are not mapped to Softr.