User-submitted attachments sometimes use a softr URL instead of Airtable

I use a form to collect job applications in one of my sites. Once the application is submitted, Airtable sends an email to the recruiter.

Though lately I’ve randomly had issues where the uploaded attachments had softr url (instead of airtable ones) and thus the automation wouldn’t work as Airtable didn’t recognise the attachment url.

Why is this? And why is it happening randomly?
Thanks a lot!

Hey camillecocaud Welcome!

Are you using softr forms to collect your files or airtable forms?

Every uploaded attachment to airtable will have a public airtable URL, there should be no trace of softr data on your attachments field.

Can you please add a formula field next to your attachment field, and use this formula:
(replace ‘Imagen’ with the name of your attachments field)

RIGHT(LEFT({Imagen}, LEN({Imagen}) - 1), LEN(LEFT({Imagen}, LEN({Imagen}) - 1)) - SEARCH("https://", {Imagen}) + 1)

If all goes as expected, you should see the URL for the attachments you have hosted on airtable, and hopefully, you should see no trace of softr.

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Hi @acjnas ,
I’m using a softr form to collect on the website, and then all is sent to Airtable. I will try this asap to see if it works.
Thanks for your help!