User Signup Timestamp

When a user accepts the clickwrap agreement in the signup block, where do the timestamp and IP address records live and how to we access them?

Also, is it recorded when a user clicks the agreement and then signs up with Google instead of email + password?

@brendan it’s not being stored and I think without storing one can not even signup. Within google signup, they authorize with an extra step to enable the integration to access their account…

Thanks. For any marketplace operating in the US, in the event of litigation with respect to user agreements (Terms of Service & Privacy Policy), judges would audit the timestamp when a user signed up and also the IP address.

Is it possible to store and pass this data to our database (airtable / google)?

If your data goes into Airtable I think you can have the record created date stored there automatically. As for IP address actually no we don’t store it…

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Super helpful direction about the airtable field. Just added.

Do you have any plans to store IP address?

IP logs / IP logging / IP address storage is key to so many commercial applications. this should be relatively simple for Softr to deploy and cannot come soon enough

@Softr is this on roadmap? what is the timeline?