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I have a project list where I assign one or more collaborators in charge of the project. Each collaborator has an access link to their tasks.
The problem occurs when a Airtable record groups information from more than one user related to the project, not being able to display the information of each project assigned to each registered user. How can I solve this problem?

Have you tried using conditional filters with your dynamic block(s)?
Use the field “Mail consultor” as the reference field, with operator “Contains any of” / “Is one of” and “Logged in users email”

Thanks @MarkSchofield
I applied the conditional filter and now I can visualize all the projects by user. But, when I click on each project, the app does not recognize the link assigned to the user, because the record contains information of more users and I don’t know how to make it only consider the link of the current user.

I haven’t understood what you are trying to achieve yet, sorry.

Magic Links are used by individual users to log in to your app. They are not the same as page URLs.

Have you seen Softr’s help files for how to use List blocks and List Details blocks? Also, how to create user groups etc?

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@MGomez I’d suggest watching the videos below on the proper way to setup list blocks and list details.

Displaying Data in list block

How to connect a list block to list detail block

Hope this helps you!


This application manages projects assigned to each consultant (per client). On the other hand, for each client there is an application related to their project and in this application the consultant has a user profile that must be accessed through the administration application, this is why the use of Magic Link as URL

Hmm, I’m not following @MGomez :pensive:

I think it would be worth your time to ask our support team (via intercom on our website) about this as they can get deeper into it with you than I can.

If I understant correctly,

You say that ‘Marcelo’ and ‘Marcelito’ are consultants.

Then, when they inspect a project, if consultor needs furhter details then it shall signup to another app using magic link.

And the trouble is that Marcelo and Marcelito magic links are kind of merged together on the same field when inspecting the project?

But now I am testing with an alternative table where the consultants are listed for each project, so that the data is not grouped in a single record.
So far it has worked fine :smiley:

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Yes, that seems like the way. In Softr when using relationships between tables, it best to bring that data into a central table to make it easier to use within Softr.