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This might be a completely newbie question, however I can’t figure out how to set the field in airtable which sould be used as profile picture. The idea is I don’t want to have users upload any pictures I just want them to use a boringavatar image, which I have setup as an URL using their name as a parameter. However I can’t figure out how to set this URL as Profile image. Does anyone know where i can do this?


On your signup form fields config, you can try to add a hidden field type and map it to your airtable attachments field. and as value, enter the full path to your boring image.

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What if i want to use the Airtable ID as the thing that makes the value different will that be possibel fx: currently i have something like this a formular field in Airtable making the URL based on the Record ID

"" & RECORD_ID()

Is it possible to pass something similar with a hidden field so all URL’s looks different?

Yes, you can do what you ask for. If you do it all with airtable logic then you can skip softr block configuration.

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That’s what I thought, I just don’t know where I can assign the Airtable URL as the Avatar picture only allows me to select a attachment field.

Not sure if this will help at all, but maybe this script can be modified for profile picture istead of attachment field …