User Profile block

Is there a timeline for the User Profile block to finally work with multi-select fields and with linked record fields?

There are a few things that I can’t do because of these bugs, and it has been really holding me back with UX.

Hi @Tim_ClimatEU what kind of issue are you experiencing exactly? If the dropdown field on User Profile block is mapped to multi-select or linked record it should allow updating the values.

It allows updating records, but when you refresh the page, it won’t show the options anymore that had been chosen previously (on multi-select and linked record with many options, maybe because of the API limit of 100 options?). So whenever a user comes back to the form, they need to fill it out again.

Hi. I tested on my end and didn’t encounter with such issue. Is your block up to date? previously we had such issue but it no longer appears. If it is updated, could you please, DM magic link so that I can check? ( would be better to be test account)

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Oh wow, I completely missed that update somehow. It does work!!
I still have an issue with the block though:

:one: The profile picture block keeps on giving me this error when the page has been reladed and I make changes to y profile.
:two: If the changes are successful, there is no color change or another indication that it was successful.
:three: If there’s an error in the form, it does not scroll up.

Are there any fixes to 2 and 3, and are all users experiencing the same error with the profile picture?

Thanks so much @Maria !! :slight_smile:

Hey Tim, do you have any custom code perhaps on that page? If not could you please, send me a magic link?. As for the form, do you mean User profile again or an actual Form block?

Hey Maria,
There is no custom code on the page, I’ll send you a magic link.

I mean the user profile block again :slight_smile: So that users realize that filling out the account information was successful or not.

We have a task open for image issue. I will let you know when the fix is deployed. Once it is fixed, you will be able to update your records and hence, the success will also be visible.

Thank you, Maria!
Is there also a ticket open for a success message / an animation on the “update” button?
Since this is a separate issue, apart from the struggle with the picture.

If you remove the image are you able to update the records and in that case don’t see any button color change? because we already covered this case with another task.

Hey Maria,
When I remove the picture, I can update my data, but the update button has no color change or animation that lets the user see that the update has been successful. Do you know what I mean?

Yes l got that. Current User Profile block update and change password buttons both change their colors to green indicating the success. Since your button has the same color as success, I think in case of success it just changes the shade so slightly that it is almost not possible to notice. :sweat_smile: If you remove the avatar field so that I can make updates I will tell for sure. When I am testing that is what exactly happens. You can see in the screenshot what color success has.

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Aaah wow, let me try that haha, that’s crazy that I chose the exact same color :smiley:

Amazing, the colour change works now. Just no error message or indication when it did not update, that would be perfect. Is that planned at some point? :slight_smile:

Hi Tim, the issue with the image got fixed. :wink:
As for failure indicator, usually it is not needed because If there is some incompetency with field types, usually it will either not allow mapping at all when adding connection in Users tab or you will see that sync failed. .

If there are some strange issues just like the one you encountered with when there is an image field on User Profile block, it does show error message but this rarely happens

Hey Maria,

There is no way to update the user profile block, and I’m getting the same error on the current version. Maybe the update is not live yet?

No it was and I even re-uploaded your image. I will check with the engineering team

Damn, okay!
It’s still not working, unfortunately. It works only if you choose a new picture every time. For now, I had to split up the form into two forms, one separate for the profile picture, but of course, the UX on this one is really bad.