User profile block keeps switching off "Allow multiple selections"

Hey guys,

The User Profile block keeps on switching back the toggle for “allow multiple selections” so that it only allows one option.

I’ve tested it with both the “Sync options with data source” toggle on and off, and the same error keeps on coming back - sometimes after a few hours, sometimes after a few days.

In my case that is a HUGE problem because this table is the first table that candidates see to set up their job preferences, and once they realize they can only choose one country and one background, many of them delete their account and put that down as a reason.

Would be great to get this fixed, it is suuuper frustrating to keep on fixing it :face_holding_back_tears:

Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:

Hello @Tim_ClimatEU,

I will try to rep-reduce this on my end and also check with our tech team.

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Thank you so much @Suzie !

Happy Monday!

Dear @Tim_ClimatEU,

I have discussed with the team and was informed that we had such an issue for a moment but it has been fixed.

If this is not a trouble for you, can you please try adding a new User Profile block? If this happens again, please let us know.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @Suzie,
Thank you, I’ll (all) blocks with new ones, but the blocks are no older than a month maybe because there were other issues that had been fixed and I already had to replace them.

I really hope it works then, because it takes a looong time to replace them all :face_holding_back_tears:

Hey @Suzie ,
Same error still after changing the form - it switches back after minutes.

Hey @Tim_ClimatEU,

We will need to deep dive on this, it seems to be a corner case, I will DM you to ask a few more questions.

We are having the same exact problem. All of our blocks are updated and new. Any solution?

Hey @Groupy,

Can I please ask you to contact via chat, we will dive deep into the issue and will try to fix.