User not redirected via make webhook

Hi Folks,

Here’s what I try to achieve:
1 submit a form
2 send data for processing thru OpenAi API
3 update Airtable record
4 redirect user once airtable record updated - I use make as per below scenario:

All steps work well except user is never redirected at the last step.

I used the below custom code provided in another thread here in the pager header in Softr in the form submitted by user:

and here’s my webhook response at last step:

I tried all proposals from different threads but my user never gets redirected even if my airtable record is updated.

Btw in Softr, when I click on form submit, instead of “action” I chose “message” with empty text as proposed in a thread.

Please note that all the Make scenario steps works except the last one which is the webhook response combined with the custom code.

I also tried 302 and Location in webhook response.

Thanks folks!