User "Last Seen Date" Not Updating

I have a “user account” section in the admin area of my app to add/delete/manage user permissions and such.

When looking at my table of existing app users, the “Last Seen Date” column is almost always wrong. It shows outdated info, often times displaying no info, telling me the user has never logged in.

If I go over to the Softr user settings area for a minute (let it do it’s auto sync with the DB) and go back to my app, the info updates and shows the up-to-date latest info.

This feels like a bug to me, it doesn’t seem to be syncing with the users table when it detects a user change, only when I manually visit the Softr user area. Can this be updated so we’re not displaying old data?

YES, I second the lack of syncing between softr sessions and the last seen date.

My last ‘seen date’ for the app I am currently working on is from September 26, and I log in every day.

I went to visit my softr user’s tabs, and in 2 minutes the syncing started again. However, I was serving old data from about 4 to 6 days.

Hi folks!

I tested the “Last Seen” date on my end, and the data is updated in Airtable each time the User table is synced. The screenshot below shows the settings of the Date field I have in my base, which is mapped to the “Last Seen” field.

I’d also like to clarify when the two-way sync occurs, as it is not in real-time.

The sync happens when users navigate to the “Users” section of the Softr studio. In addition to navigating to the “Users” section of the app, the sync is also triggered when a user logs into the app or when you publish new app changes.

Hey, thank you for the extra details about syncing.

Then I would like your advise:
Can I trust that softr will automatically update the ‘last seen’ field when a user browses my apps as a registered user, without the need for the user to enter credentials every time (relying on the active session).

The need for the app admin to Trigger manually an update for the user ‘last seen’ info, is going to make me discard ‘last seen data’ in some apps.

Here is a short experience making the efforts to bring fresh data on to that field:

This is the part that is not happening today. User login does not trigger an update on that field.

Any word on this working as intended, instead of randomly? It still does not appear when new users log in, let alone access an app via magic link, or update when existing users log in and out, regardless if you are on the ‘Business’ plan.

:bulb: The Last Seen Date data is available to Business Plan users only.- From Softr Documentation