User Groups not working with postgres

I recently changed from Airtable to Postgres.
I built the same tables with the same name on Postgres that I had on Airtable.
I have some User Groups that are based on table rules.
Now, after the airtable switch to postgres, the rules are not being read correctly and the users are being classified to the wrong user group.
As you can see I have this user classified with 3 user groups (no batch, no assistant, no team)

But in the user group rules, to be classified they gotta to have this on their table

However, look at my table on postgres

The raw is empty on the three of them.

If I mark as true, nothing happens

I tried to delete the User Group Rule and create the same one again but it doesnt change the end result

Can you pls add support[at] as a collaborator to your app and DM me the app link then I will check it and see what’s wrong… I guess I need to see what’s the data-type under that checkbox


You can check now

@elementttt can you pls DM me the app url too ?

App url or database url?

app url would be fine

Check your dm

check your dm please

Still working on this @elementttt

Sorry for the delay.

ok! because this is really important, please take a look asap