User Groups not assigned after syncing and applying conditional filters

I recently moved the users of my app into a new table in Airtable and re-configured the requisite settings within my Softr project, including adjusting the conditional filter for the User Groups. However, I’ve noticed that many users are still left unassigned. I’ve attempted editing the configuration but nothing has worked so far. Is there a quick fix/workaround, or will i have to add Users individually to the desired User Group?


For context, I want to add users based on a single-select field called “Role” in the synced Airtable table.

Hi @keymaker have you published the app after adding user groups? If not please, do so and If they are correct you will see them assigned there. Regardless, of whether you assigned manually by clicking on the “+” or just created user groups, it works the same way.

Confirming that I published the app and the User Groups updated. Thank you!

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