User filters in charts

Hi all,
I am trying to replicate an Airtable graph in Softr. The most important feature in Airtable is that an enduser can filter the results displayed in a chart.
Random example: to display ice creams sold per day for an ice cream shop, I would want a user to filter for ice cream types and then see the graphs dynamically changing.
That’s possible in Airtable but I cannot find a similar option in Softr. Is this correct and if yes, is there a workaround?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @no968145

Thanks for posting here! And welcome to our community :raised_hands:t3:

Unfortunately this is not a feature that our graphs have yet. Our team is currently doing some research on this topic though, and our hope is to make it possible in the future along with some more enhancements to our chart blocks.

If you have any feedback that you’d like to share with us for this kind of feature set, please feel free to do so!

Thanks for the quick reply.

A more general feedback - it seems that charts are still in its early development both visually and functionally. Hence I would remove it from your professional plan and move it into a lower tier. It was a major reason for me to sign up for the professional version but must say that the current state is quite underwhelming.

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Hi @no968145 thank you for sharing that feedback with us. While our graphs may be currently lacking the functionality you’re looking for, they’re still quite powerful!

However, I’ve shared this with our team, and will keep you updated if this featured is ever added in the future!