User Data not staying synced with Airtable Data

I am trying to update a user’s email address across several of our systems, so I have updated it directly in Airtable (using my own data as an example), but after waiting 24+ hours, the email address does not seem to update in Softr’s Users collection:

Is there some way to force an update of this data, even if it’s on a single-record basis?

Otherwise, I will assume that all User Data is static once it’s imported from Airtable, which does add a few constraints on the data collection process.

Hello @pwmartinson ,

It cannot be edited directly in Softr, you can export Airtable as CSV, make the changes, leave that user only and import it to Softr. Make sure to delete the old one. This is the workaround for now.


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OK, this is good to know that that’s the best workaround. Thanks @Suzie!

I assume this means that all user records in Softr don’t actually stay synced with their “parent” records in AT, so any other changes we make (which could affect their permissions in Softr) would also need to be “updated” by creating a new record & deleting the old one (ex if we make a change that would modify their user role).

Am I understanding that correctly?


Do you mean editing in Softr > Users tab section?

I would like to understand this too. It would be nice if there was more of a real sync between Airtable and Softr Users Table. What if I want to add a user in Airtable and give him a specific value that will impact what user group the user is in? It would be nice if I can manually create users in Airtable and still have the email sent out from Softr with the magic link or password @Marine.Hovhannisyan