User data editing by tier?

I am looking to add multiple tiers of user to a directory site. A registered user can “claim” a listing (or create one) that they can edit, but only some basic data. The first paid tier can edit/supply additional data such as documents, case studies, etc. It’s possible that we add a second paid tier that can add more content/edit more fields in their listing.
How do I control this?

I’m told by my team that I might need a higher license (currently Pro). As they put it, there’s only one level of control over editing so users who own a listing can edit all of it (though they can make sure that none of the content eligible to paid tiers displays on the site). How do I control what content / data can be edited by different user tiers (groups)?

Dear @johntreadway,

The Professional plan allows enabling editing functionality for the Logged in Users only. If you want to setup custom user groups (which will allow you get the needed result) you should switch to Business plan.

Let me know if I can be of your further assistance.

Thanks Suzie

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Noted, will check if we can do anything regarding this.