Useful Static Blocks into Dynamic

It would be great if we could have a connection to Airtable for Static Blocks Such as

  • Team
  • Testimontial
  • Pricing
  • FAQs

We could update dynamically just your airtable base with prices or Team Members or anything, and they could be reflected on your website instantly. Currently, although these blocks are quite nice, you need to remember to change them manually.


Great idea! Noted! We will discuss within the team and see when we can do this


thanks a lot for the response. I think it is the same logic as when you connect to list tables. You could pull from other sources as well, make it really powerful

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@ariszagklis Have you considered using a table for each of those use cases?

I’ve created a dynamic FAQ system whereby all I need to do is drop an expanding list block on a page, connect it to my table, and set the filter equal to the page name it relates to. For example on my Ad Listings page, I have an FAQ list below the user’s classified ads with the filter set to “Page is ‘Ad Listings’”.


Yes, definitely this would be a workaround to achieve it, but it wouldn’t be formatted as an usual FAQ section, or pricing.