Use Softr to build forms?

We are a preschool that uses airtable on the backend.

We want to create an admissions process where a parent can apply for their child to go to preschool. We would have lots of field questions (e.g. first, last, cell, email) for the parent but then also need to be able to connect their CHILD table data (e.g. child first, last, DOB, gender, etc.) and also link the PARENT & CHILD into a FAMILY table (all of which exist currently in our Airtable). Is SOFTR a good option for this?

We have been looking at which has been great, but I worry that they are limited to forms and wonder if you have any other recommendations. Must be natively integrated with Airtable.

To be honest, I think you’re on the right track already with Fillout forms. They are the most powerful I’ve used to far, and have built very complex workflows using them. I think they are better (currently) then the native Softr forms as they allow for conditional logic, pages, calculations, etc.

Softr is a great option to display the Airtable data that you already have/your forms capture. If parents have their own account you can probably create a workflow that they see only their child’s data and can edit and similar.

I think one of the most proficient software stack to build no-code apps is

Airtable + softr + fillout

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